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Follow the progess of the American Scallop Associations quest for Sustainability Certification with the Marine Stewardship Council now underway!


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New Bedford

As in Melville's day, the seafaring traditions of New Bedford's mariner forefathers hold fast. The city continues to draw a substantial part of its living from the sea. Today, the port is home to more than 225 commercial fishing vessels of various drafts and rigs. New Bedford continues to rank as the nation's #1commercial fishing port in value of landed catch. The working waterfront is home to several national seafood-processing plants, which produce a wide array of products shipped around the world. Vessels no longer off-load their hauls on the piers, but tie up along the processing plants at the water's edge, speedily emptying their catches from refrigerated holds directly into refrigerated receiving bays. New Bedford has long held title as the nation's leading supplier of sea scallops, making it America's top-dollar value port.