The members of the ASA are committed to sound management practices and the long-term sustainability of the US Atlantic sea scallop fishery. Our members are dedicated to harvesting scallops in a healthy, safe and environmentally friendly manner, which is why the ASA was awarded Marine Stewardship Certification of the Atlantic sea scallop fishery.

The Value of MSC Certification for Scallops

At the 2014 Seafood Expo North America, John Whiteside, representing the American Scallop Association, spoke about the value of MSC certification for the U.S. Atlantic sea scallop fishery. The Seafood Expo North America in Boston is the largest annual seafood trade event in North America. The 2014 MSC Update Meeting for the Americas region included guest speakers Ian Smith, CEO of Clearwater Seafoods; John Whiteside representing the American Scallop Association; and Martin Exel speaking on behalf of Patagonian Toothfish fisheries.

The following video is John’s presentation about the scallop industry.

NOAA Fisheries lists the US Atlantic sea scallop fishery as sustainable.

ASA members participate in other globally recognized certification programs.